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In 2009, Southeastern Dock & Platform partnered with Carolina Waterworks to bring our customers the latest and best in drive-on docking technology. And because we will only sell products that are environmentally friendly and maintenance free, you can be sure that your new Safe Haven boat lift will provide you with decades of convenient and durable usage, but will not be detrimental to the waterways that we all love to enjoy.

From a single-seater jetski to a 32’ multi-engine fishing machine, we can do it all. Click on the links below to learn more about the best value in drive on docking technology available today.

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Safe Haven Jet T

The Jet-T is a basic platform that measures 9’3” long by 5’9” wide. With a working load of 1000 pounds, the Jet-T is perfect for jet-skis and small boats. With zero maintenance and non-corrosive materials, your Jet-T is sure to provide you with years of effortless convenience and enjoyment. And because it is foam filled, you will never have to worry about your Jet-T sinking. This entry-level drive on platform is a perfect cost-effective solution to dry docking your PWC.

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Safe haven hideaway

The Hideaway is a technological marvel of simplicity in design. During in-water boat shows, we like to have a small child demonstrate how easy it is to launch even the largest of jet-skis and PWCs from the Hideaway. Folks always marvel when a 40 pound youngster can simply push on the bow of a 1200 pound behemoth of a jet-ski and the ski simply slides off the dock.

Typically, our team at SD&P doesn’t like moving parts near salt water. But leave it to the guys at Carolina Waterworks to have it figured out. Using all non-corrosive materials, the Hideaway incorporates six rollers to aid in launching, has three mounted cleats to secure your craft when not in use, a non-skid deck to prevent slipping when mounting your ski, and a low angle of entry to safely guide your PWC into position after a day on the water.

The Hideaway can be side-mounted or front-mounted, and a clever storage mount system is available for added convenience.

With a working load of more than 1300 pounds, the Hideaway can secure even the biggest of machines. And since it is foam filled, it will never sink. Backed by a ten year warranty, and available at a surprisingly low price, we invite you to talk to your SD&P representative about getting yours installed today.

Hideaway imagery

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Safe Haven Retreat Series

The Retreat series of Safe Haven docks is the perfect solution to economically store your boat out of the water without the need for electricity. Plus, you’ll never need any hydraulic fluid, greases, zincs, or other materials that can be hazardous to the environment.

The Retreat dock measures 12’ long by 7’ wide, the perfect footprint for most type of smaller runabout boats. With attachments kits for both floating docks and fixed seawalls and piers, you can install the Retreat virtually anywhere.

For larger boats, a tail extension can be added to your Retreat to create the Retreat 2, a 20’ long dock that boasts an impressive 2900 pounds minimum of lift capacity. With several sizes of pipe bunks (which can be changed in 30 seconds, should your boat needs ever change), the Retreat 2 by Safe Haven can accommodate an almost endless variety of mid-sized boats.

Have a particularly heavy boat, such as a Grady White or older all-fiberglass boat like a Hydra-Sports? Just want that extra assurance that the stern of your boat can’t possibly rest in the water? Don’t want the hassle of ever needing to winch your boat off the lift?

Then you’ll be delighted with the Solar Hybrid technology that a Retreat 2 dock can offer. Using a patented air tank design coupled with a solar powered blower pump, you can lift additional weight (up to 3500 pounds!) on your Retreat 2 Solar Hybrid with a simple pull of a lever and push of a button.

And because the system was designed with simplicity in mind, the only time you’ll ever be unable to launch your boat would be when the laws of physics cease to exist. There is nothing mechanical that could ever fail preventing you getting your boat in to the water. Also, the lift does not require a cumbersome remote control to work properly; you’ll never have to circle your dock like an airplane in bad weather waiting for the remote control to activate properly and give you “clearance” to land. Just drive right up, flip a lever, and your work is done!

In addition, the solar powered, stand alone blower unit represents the epitome in a product that fits our mold of being environmentally friendly and totally independent of needing any outside electrical wiring or components to operate properly.

Ask your SD&P representative for more details regarding the world’s most effective drive on boat lift.

Retreat 1.0 Imagery

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Safe Haven Retreat Series 1.6

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Safe Haven Retreat Series 2
Retreat 2.0 Imagery

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Safe Haven Retreat Series 2 Solar
Retreat 2.0 Solar Imagery

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harbor solar hybrid

The Harbor, Harbor 2, and Harbor 3 drive on boat lifts from Safe Haven are the reason SD&P sought distributor rights from Carolina Waterworks. This dock is simply amazing.

With a capacity to lift boats in excess of 30’, and weights upwards of 10,000 pounds, there are few recreational boats that we cannot accommodate now.

Each of the lifts in the Harbor series comes standard with Safe Haven’s patented solar powered lift assist system making it the easiest lift in the world to operate. With a width of 11 feet, the Harbor lifts leave plenty of room on their non skid decks to walk around most boats for easy access to the stern and either side of the vessel.

Ranging in lengths from 18’ (Harbor), 24’ (Harbor 2), and 30’ (Harbor 3), these lifts can be safely and conveniently used to lift most types of watercraft completely out of the water. And with the interchangeable bunk systems, your lift can be customized to be sure that your boat is always sitting level on the dock.

Like all Safe Haven docks and lifts, the Harbor series of docks have absolutely no exposed metal framing that could deteriorate, can be mounted to virtually any existing structure, and are constructed using only the highest quality non-corrosive materials.

For the ultimate in safety and security for your boat, and for the best bang for your buck, consider the Harbor series of lifts by Safe Haven. Ask your SD&P representative for more information.

harbor solar hybrid imagery

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Harbor Solar Hybrid 2
Harbor Solar Hybrid 2 Imagery

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Harbor Solar Hybrid 3
Harbor Solar Hybrid 3 Imagery

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